#TakeoverTuesday with @LoudounBiz

@LoudounBiz (Loudoun County Economic Development) invited Groove to do a #TakeoverTuesday on their Instagram this past Tuesday. We got to show off some of our students, producers, equipment, and the company in general. Thank you so much to @LoudounBiz for this wonderful opportunity to further educate the community about our business.  Below is a summary of our posts from Tuesday. Please give us a call at (703)-507-0980 for any questions, concerns, or to schedule a free consultation!

Preview of a project Surprise Attack is doing with us at @groove_recording_studios. Loving the mix and ease!



(TOP LEFT) Josh Brodd working on his beats in a drum lesson on a Tuesday evening.

(TOP RIGHT) Empuls in the isolation booth collaborating with Shawn Hatfield on his next release.

(MIDDLE RIGHT) Take a look at some of our popular instruments. We offer guitar, bass, drums, vocals, banjo, piano, production, songwriting, and more.

(BOTTOM LEFT) A shot of Producer Hadrien Harroo working in the studio with Artist Migo Arias. They’re using Pro Tools 12 HD, in-house microphones, and a PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Console to record MiGo’s latest work.

(BOTTOM RIGHT) Get yourself some Wet Socks Down at the Docks by Shawn Hatfield (@dleiftah_nwahs) cassette tapes! This EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered at @groove_recording_studios and released on Appalachian Groove Records.



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