Appalachian Groove Records

Founded by Shawn Hatfield in 2016, Appalachian Groove Records (AGR) is a small independent record label paired with Groove: Music Lessons + Recording.


AGR offers full artist services: A&R, distribution (digital & tangible), marketing, video production, booking, management, promotion, publicity, recording, and more. AGR represents both local and distant artists

Hatfield’s passion for music and local talent spawned the idea of a Leesburg-based record label. We apply new and initiative ideas to help upcoming and established artists build a following. AGR started as a one-man-show but has grown into a company keeping an average of 5-8 eclectic, optimistic, and creative employees on board. We like to keep things simple, independent and maintain less than ten employees at a time.


Appalachian Groove Records
205 Edwards Ferry Leesburg, VA 20176