Lettuce Prey – “Leesburg”/”Task At Hand”

Introducing the debut singles “Leesburg” & “Task At Hand” by Lettuce Prey!
Lettuce Prey is a collaborative effort by Shawn Hatfield and Derek Summers.

“We worked hard on these tunes together. A lot of emotion and nostalgia involved. Lettuce Prey is a Groove: Music Lessons + Recording & Appalachian Groove Records production, but it is personally one of the best projects I have ever been a part of.

‘Leesburg’ has some great old school funk elements and the lyric content drops you right in the mid 1990s of our very own Leesburg, Virginia. The groove, style, and explicit use of synth of this track will keep you dancing.

‘Task At Hand’ rocks you from beginning to end with eye opening craftsmanship on the mic. Derek has an inherent ability to carve lyrics into a beat with all the flow and attitude you’d want.

Producer: Shawn Hatfield
Mixed & Mastered at Groove: Music Lessons + Recording
All Instruments: Shawn Hatfield
Vocals, Cover Art, Lyrics: Derek Summers
Editing: Dagney Palmer

All Music Written & Performed by Lettuce Prey
All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2018 Appalachian Groove Records
Copyright © 2018 Lettuce Prey



Chris Cassaday – The Cassaday Concoction Live at Groove

Chris has performed live for countless audiences all over the country. His unique blend of blues, rock, folk and funk, along with his crafty songwriting style and thunderous, distinctive voice have started to gather him a significant following. The sky is the limit for this DC-based songwriter.

This is a really awesome addition to our ‘Live at Groove’ series. Original and authentic material brought to you by an exceptional 3 piece.

Members: Chris Cassaday (guitar, vocals), Bryan Moran (bass, vocals), Miles Lieder (drums)

Purchase the live EP HERE!

Produced by: Shawn Hatfield
Recording Studio: Groove: Music Lessons + recording
Mixed & Mastered by: Shawn Hatfield at Groove
2018 Copyright © Appalachian Groove Records
2018 Copyright © Chris Cassaday


Surprise Attack – Live at Groove

Friends since the band’s original formation in 2006, Surprise Attack reunited in 2015 to share their music and sense of community with a larger audience. Their self-described mountain funk is as much a state of mind as it is a musical style incorporating everything from roots and bluegrass to hip hop and funk. 

Members: Danny Durazo (Bass/Vox), Ian Frye (Drums/Vox), Jeremy Begun (Keys/Vox), Tom Casey (Guitar/Vox), Jay Rowe (Percussion)

Purchase the  live EP HERE!

Sound Engineer: Shawn Hatfield
Recording Studio: Groove: Music Lessons + Recording
Mixed & Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Groove
Film Production: Christopher Leipold
Film Studio: Anywhere Studios

2017 Copyright © Appalachian Groove Records
2017 Copyright © Surprise Attack

Where to find Suprise Attack: Facebook, SoundcloudBandcamp 


DJ G-Wiz – Focal Point (instrumental beat)

“G-Wiz” is the wizard of turntables and definitely a rising star in the sea of DJs. More aptly known as “The Young Gunnah,” G-Wiz has been in the music business for nearly a decade and will not be stopping anytime soon.Having experience working special events with 92.5 WINC (Winchester, VA – Adult Contemporary) and 99.3 The Vibe (Fredericksburg, VA – Rhythmic Contemporary) radio stations, this has helped blazed his path to being the DJ that he has become. Through his handwork and dedication, he was given the opportunity to DJ special events with Bobby Valentino, Freeway, Lola Monroe, Beanie Sigel, and in September 2012, the 2 Chainz concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.



Shawn Hatfield – India Pale Aliens (LP)

Shawn Hatfield produced, mixed, and mastered his first instrumental hiphop LP, India Pale Aliens. He combined funk and fusion with hiphop and rap influences to produce a 12-track record. There are three singles from the album available on Sound Cloud and Bandcamp: “Vibrations,” “We See You,” and “Accidentally Took LSD.”

Shawn Hatfield’s second album, ‘India Pale Aliens,’ explores new sounds and themes that tells the instrumental tale of four very intoxicated extraterrestrials. They crash from moon to moon amongst the lonely galaxy in pursuit of the meaning of life. They stumble onto Earth only to find that it is full of foul creatures who insist on destroying themselves. Realizing landing their ship on Earth was a mistake, they call on the mothership once again.


Shawn Hatfield – Wet Socks Down at the Docks (EP)

Shawn Hatfield spent most of the summer and fall of 2016 composing, recording, mixing, and mastering Wet Socks Down at the Docks. He took a new approach to producing this record by using stringed instruments, applying samples, more keyboard focus, and unorthodox recording techniques. All of course while wearing wet socks.

The three pieces can each be simply described by one word: 1) sad; 2) happy; 3) creepy.


Bunny Man Bridge – Live at Groove (EP)

AGR presents Bunny Man BridgeLive at Groove, a 4-track live video performance. BMB whips out the funkiest beats, outstanding riffs, and soulful melodies. This release spotlights their abilities as a live and studio group. The audio-only version is available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and includes the bonus track, “Legos for Giants.”

Recorded in February, mixed and mastered in October, and released on November 4th.

Purchase the entire album on iTunes for just $4.95:

Jonathan Crandall (Keyboards), Zach Liggett (Drums), Max Richard (Guitar), Ryan Vanstavern (Bass)

Audio Produced by: Shawn Hatfield
Video Produced by: Michael Toman
Mixed/Mastered: Groove: Music Lessons + Recording



Shawn Hatfield – Vivid/Stretch (singles)

Hatfield‘s new singles, “Vivid Funky Livin“, and “Stretch Marks the Spot,” are out now on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, and more.

Pete Walton (drums), Sam Walton (artwork), Hatfield (guitar, bass, and keys)

They were mixed and mastered by Shawn Hatfield and recorded at our studio.


Shelby Sencindiver – Follow Me (single)

Shelby is an indie singer-songwriter from Loudoun County, Virginia and attends school in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She has been playing music since she as 13, and has been performing since she was 14. She writes and arranges her own music. Shelby is released a single with AGR on September 1st, 2016, which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Groove: Music Lessons + Recording.

Where to find Shelby: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud



Distant Creatures – Escape (single)

Distant Creatures is a five piece indie rock and dream pop group from the D.C. suburbs. They recorded an original single with Groove: Music Lessons + Recording

Where to find Distant Creatures: Facebook, BandCamp,SoundCloud, Groove, AGR


Onyx Travelers – EP

The Onyx Travelers are a Folk Fusion band out of Northern Virginia/DC. We recorded, mixed, and mastered an original 4-track EP that released with AGR on July 29th. Purchase a tangible copy from Amazon HERE!

Melissa Avina (vocals), Ethan Bovender (vocals,guitar), Rob Plier (bass), and Flamer Plier (percussion)
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Shawn Hatfield


Cabin In The Hood – Momma, I Ain’ta No Virgin (single)

Cabin In The Hood is a Leesburg based mountain funk group. They recorded this single live in our studios and independently released it.

Jake Pauly (guitar), John Castilon (bass), Michael Martin (drums)
Mixed and mastered by: Shawn Hatfield



Jake and The Burtones – “Goin’ Up to Hamberg” (demo)

The first single from Half-Dead – Jake and The Burtone’s upcoming album. It was recorded at Groove: Music Lessons + Recording in June 2015. Jake and The Burtones are a real-deal country and bluegrass group. They play music all up and down the east coast but mainly stick to their roots in Virginia.

Josh Cava (guitar), Ian Fuze (fiddle), Chris Griffin (bass)
Demo mix by: Shawn Hatfield
Full record recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Shawn Hatfield & Josh Cava.

Jake and The Burtones Official Website


Zuben and His Borf Keys – The Fudge We Can’t (single)

An original tune by the group, Zuben and His Borfkeys
Michael Horrocks (drums), Shawn Hatfield (guitar, bass, keys)


Shawn Hatfield –  A Faded Way of Life (LP)

A Faded Way of Life was written, recorded, produced, and mastered at Groove by Shawn Hatfield at Groove and released with AGR. The 10-track album tells the painful story of love and its repercussions.

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play

Instagram @dleiftah_nwahs