New Gear Day #19: Super Tubes

Check out this demo of the Vintage Ibanez Super Tube for New Gear Day #19. Running this badass stompbox from an Allen Woody Epiphone bass.


New Gear Day #18: Talk About Analog!

An Alesis XT20 ADAT Tape Recorder! ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) is a magnetic tape format used to record 8 tracks onto a Super VHS.


New Gear Day #17: Fat Sounds and Great Knobs

dbx Pro Project 1 266A Compressor/Gate circa 2000! This beast compresses and gates in both mono and stereo with a stereo pairing option. The knobs feel so good to twist.


New Gear Day #16: Crash from the Past

New Gear Day #16: A 1978 #vintage 18 inch ziljian crash cymbal. The amazing high end adds depth to the set and your mix.


New Gear Day #15: Rhythm in Action

Please take a minute to watch our short demo of the Roland R-70: Human Rhythm Composer! This piece of gear is compact yet powerful with complete editing capabilities.


New Gear Day #14: Wah Can’t We Be Friends?

Check out this guitar and gear demo with Shawn Hatfield at our studio for New Gear Day #14. The Morley/Ebtech Wah/Volume pedal alters those frequencies just right.


New Gear Day #13: Makin’ Beats

Vintage Roland R-70 Human Ryhthm Composer. This thing is a beast! Great for loops, beats, and all genres.




New Gear Day #12: Get Thumping!

Crate KX-80 Keyboard Amp! Great for bass too. Three inputs, verb, and EQ. What else do ya need?

New Gear Day #11: Vintage Guitar Tone

1989 Peavey Electronics Stereo Chorus 212! 600 watts of pure badass-ness. Chorus, reverb, EQ, and plenty of crunch.


New Gear Day #10: Drum & Mic Demo

Thanks for tuning into our microphone demo for New Gear Day #10. We’re doing a quick demo of the Sony ECM-33P. Thanks for watching!


New Gear Day #9: An Electret Mic

A vintage 1974 Sony ECM-33P! It is a cardioid electret condensor mic. As you can see, we’re using it on a snare in this picture but it works for so much more.


New Gear Day #8: On the Rode Again

Rode M3 Condensor Mic! Great for guitar, drums, and vocals. We absolutely love this microphone.


New Gear Day #7: Keys, Keys, Keys

Thanks for tuning in for New Gear #7 with the Casio PX-330. An amazing keyboard!


New Gear Day # 6: Reliable Drummer

For New Gear Day #6, we decided to demo Superior Drummer 2.0. Thanks for watching!


New Gear Day #5: Our Mixing World Just Got a Lot Better

This is a vintage 1971 dbx 161 Compressor/Limiter and it sounds unbelievable. We’re very excited to use this in our mixing and mastering sessions. The VU meter works gorgeously.


New Gear Day # 4: What’s that Jerry?

Every musician knows what an SM57 & 58 is (if you don’t, you should) but a 59? This is a 1978 Shure SM59 and she sounds amazing. High quality unidirectional, dynamic mic for many applications. Stop by for a free tour!


New Gear Day #3: Smoke the Keys!

Just picked up the Hohner Melodica Piano 32. Having a blast!


New Gear Day #2: Mic & FX Demo

Check out the AKG D1000E and ADA S1000 in action.


New Gear Day # 1: The Jim Morrison Mic

This wonderful microphone is a 1967 AKG D1000E . It was used by Jim Morrison of The Doors onstage and in the studio from ’68-71. We’re really excited about this one, so come test it out with us.