New Gear Day #25: Paiste not Pasty

Loving the new hi-hat from Paiste Cymbals! A brand new pair of PST 5 Sound Edge hats. They sound amazing on a jazz project we’re working on.

New Gear Day #24: A lot of Stuff

Huge thanks to Paiste Cymbals, Dandrea USA, Musician’s FriendVic FirthBEHRINGER, and Jam Stands for all this new stuff.


New Gear Day #23: Double Trouble

Santa was good to Groove this year! Brand new Pearl Drums P932 Double Kick Pedal. Great tone, speed, and look to add to our custom drum kit.


New Gear Day #22: That’s Not All Folks

It’s official… Christmas is totally and completely badass. Hip Pig Chrome 13 x 7 in. Steel Snare Drum added to our custom studio kit. Loving the attack and overtones. Stop by and record your project on our kit!


New Gear Day #21: AKG P220 Condenser

New microphone for Groove! The AKG P220 offers warm and clean sound for overheads, vocals, guitar, and more. Working on a full album with a new band.


New Gear Day #20: Feel the Vibes

Watch this short demo on some vintage vibes with Shawn Hatfield!

New Gear Day #19: Super Tubes

Check out this demo of the Vintage Ibanez Super Tube for New Gear Day #19. Running this badass stompbox from an Allen Woody Epiphone bass.


New Gear Day #18: Talk About Analog!

An Alesis XT20 ADAT Tape Recorder! ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) is a magnetic tape format used to record 8 tracks onto a Super VHS.


New Gear Day #17: Fat Sounds and Great Knobs

dbx Pro Project 1 266A Compressor/Gate circa 2000! This beast compresses and gates in both mono and stereo with a stereo pairing option. The knobs feel so good to twist.


New Gear Day #16: Crash from the Past

New Gear Day #16: A 1978 #vintage 18 inch ziljian crash cymbal. The amazing high end adds depth to the set and your mix.


New Gear Day #15: Rhythm in Action

Please take a minute to watch our short demo of the Roland R-70: Human Rhythm Composer! This piece of gear is compact yet powerful with complete editing capabilities.


New Gear Day #14: Wah Can’t We Be Friends?

Check out this guitar and gear demo with Shawn Hatfield at our studio for New Gear Day #14. The Morley/Ebtech Wah/Volume pedal alters those frequencies just right.


New Gear Day #13: Makin’ Beats

Vintage Roland R-70 Human Ryhthm Composer. This thing is a beast! Great for loops, beats, and all genres.




New Gear Day #12: Get Thumping!

Crate KX-80 Keyboard Amp! Great for bass too. Three inputs, verb, and EQ. What else do ya need?

New Gear Day #11: Vintage Guitar Tone

1989 Peavey Electronics Stereo Chorus 212! 600 watts of pure badass-ness. Chorus, reverb, EQ, and plenty of crunch.


New Gear Day #10: Drum & Mic Demo

Thanks for tuning into our microphone demo for New Gear Day #10. We’re doing a quick demo of the Sony ECM-33P. Thanks for watching!


New Gear Day #9: An Electret Mic

A vintage 1974 Sony ECM-33P! It is a cardioid electret condensor mic. As you can see, we’re using it on a snare in this picture but it works for so much more.


New Gear Day #8: On the Rode Again

Rode M3 Condensor Mic! Great for guitar, drums, and vocals. We absolutely love this microphone.


New Gear Day #7: Keys, Keys, Keys

Thanks for tuning in for New Gear #7 with the Casio PX-330. An amazing keyboard!


New Gear Day # 6: Reliable Drummer

For New Gear Day #6, we decided to demo Superior Drummer 2.0. Thanks for watching!


New Gear Day #5: Our Mixing World Just Got a Lot Better

This is a vintage 1971 dbx 161 Compressor/Limiter and it sounds unbelievable. We’re very excited to use this in our mixing and mastering sessions. The VU meter works gorgeously.


New Gear Day # 4: What’s that Jerry?

Every musician knows what an SM57 & 58 is (if you don’t, you should) but a 59? This is a 1978 Shure SM59 and she sounds amazing. High quality unidirectional, dynamic mic for many applications. Stop by for a free tour!


New Gear Day #3: Smoke the Keys!

Just picked up the Hohner Melodica Piano 32. Having a blast!


New Gear Day #2: Mic & FX Demo

Check out the AKG D1000E and ADA S1000 in action.


New Gear Day # 1: The Jim Morrison Mic

This wonderful microphone is a 1967 AKG D1000E . It was used by Jim Morrison of The Doors onstage and in the studio from ’68-71. We’re really excited about this one, so come test it out with us.