Our Team

Shawn Hatfield – Owner/Producer/Head Instructor


Ownership: Shawn Hatfield is a Virginian born composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, writer, and publisher. He started Groove in 2015 before he graduated Radford University with a degree in Music Business. He has had a passion for music his entire life, both creating and producing, and knew early on what dedicated career path to take. Since then, the studio clientele base is ever-growing and we couldn’t be happier with our jobs.

Production:  Shawn studied engineering and production under award winning professor, Dr. Timothy Channell at Radford University. Throughout his production career, he has worked with over forty recording artists. So far in his career, Shawn has produced 6 full albums, 4 EPs, 7 singles, 2 live performance videos, and 1 music video. His love for both analog gear and digital software combine to creative flawless mixes and final masters.

Instruction: Shawn has been teaching music since he was in middle school. Starting with friends and family, he found a passion for teaching. At Radford, he was taught classical guitar, music theory, and music history by other award winning professors like, Dr. Robert Trent, Dr. Robert Glarner, and Dr. David Zuschin. Shawn started Groove with a well-balanced educational diet of classical, rock, jazz, funk, bluegrass, fusion, and metal experience. His level of passion is derived from the student’s ambition to learn!

shawnhatfield@appalachiangrooverecords.com  (Record Label Email)


Dagney Palmer – Marketing/Research



Marketing: Dagney has always been a lover of music and wanted to get involved in the industry anyway she could. She earned her degree in Economics and American Studies from Christopher Newport University in 2017 and quickly pursued a professional career in her field. She promotes our studio across virtual and physical platforms daily. With a passion for writing, music, and promotion, she really helps our company to thrive.

Research: Dagney also keeps our team on our toes with client leads and business research. In this digital age we live in, it’s hard to keep up with all the progressive changes. Dagney makes sure that we stay on top of all system and software updates, new audience advertising, and innovative ways to produce quality material.

dpalmer@appalachiangrooverecords.com  (Record Label Email)


Derek Summers – Engineer/Marketing/Quality Assurance


Engineering & Artistry: Derek has made a professional career in the music industry for nearly twenty years. Multiple releases, headlining shows, producing, and engineering just touch the surface of his capabilities. He helps the studio move at a great pace with setup, coaching, mic technique, breakdown, and everything in between. Derek and head producer, Shawn Hatfield, make an unstoppable engineering team.

Marketing & Quality Assurance: In addition to Derek’s engineering and artistry, he is a tasteful promoter and quality control representative to our company. He keeps recording artists on task and meeting goals while simultaneously maintaining a creative media presence for our studio.

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Miles Lieder – Session Drummer/Instructor


Miles Lieder is a Washington, DC based professional drummer and drum instructor.  He began drumming at only 6 years old and continues to perform, record, and practice every day.

Instruction: After 8 years of taking lessons from various instructors, Miles started teaching drum lessons. His personalized lesson plan gives a great foundation and caters to each student. Some of these foundations and techniques include rudiments, reading sheet music, timekeeping and “playing to the song”.

Session & Live Work: Miles gained professional recognition in early gigging experience with his fusion group, FLD. They played on Washington DC news live TV! Since then, he has toured the east coast with Dale and the ZDubs with big names on big stages. Miles has a lot of experience recording multiple genres in professional studios with great engineers and producers.

Gear List:

  • Mapex Meridian Birch: 10” x 8” Rack Tom, 12” x 9” Rack Tom, 16” x 16” Floor Tom, 22” x 18” Kick Drum
  • Mapex Saturn V (Maple & Walnut): 12” x 9” Rack Tom, 14” x 14” Floor Tom, 16” x 16” Floor Tom, 22” x 18” Kick Drum
  • Snares: Black Panther Sledgehammer 14” x 6.5” Hand hammered Brass, Black Panther Maple Snare
    13” x 6.5”
  • Cymbals: 10” HH Duo Splash, 13” HHX Evolution Hi-Hats, 15” Artisan Hi-Hats, 16” HHX Studio Crash, 18” Artisan Crash, 18” AAX X-Plosion Crash, 21” HHX Groove Ride, 21” Signature Holy China

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