Warm Audio WA76 Tutorial

We’re very excited and proud to present the WA76 by Warm Audio – a brand new addition to Groove. Definitely one of the best purchases we’ve made!

In this video Shawn Hatfield does a quick tutorial on the WA76 Limiting Amplifier. Shawn applies the compressor to a drum buss and electric guitars.

CLA-76 Plugin Intro/Tutorial

Check out this quick introduction to the Waves CLA-76 compressor on a Taylor 210ce. Are your guitar tracks missing a little punch? Do your reverbs sound thin and weak? We use an 1176 style compressor plugin on nearly all of our projects. The CLA-76 is based on the popular 1176 Peak Limiter originally made by UREI in 1967. You can set the ratio to 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, and All. Unlike most compressors, the attack and release settings are slowest when set to the lowest setting and fastest when it is set to the highest setting. Superfast attack!

New Gear Day #20: Feel the Vibes

Watch this short demo on some vintage vibes with Shawn Hatfield!

Surprise Attack –  Live at Groove (Full Performance)

A few months back we filmed and recorded a live performance of nothing but the tastiest jams from Surprise Attack. The live EP released on September 1st, 2017.  Huge thanks to Anywhere Studios & Christopher Leipold for his amazing camera work and video editing skills. Couldn’t have done it without you! Check out the entire performance below. Really enjoyed this session, thanks fellas.

Purchase the EP HERE!

Members: Danny Durazo (Bass/Vox), Ian Frye (Drums/Vox), Jeremy Begun (Keys/Vox), Tom Casey (Guitar/Vox), Jay Rowe (Percussion)

Sound Engineer: Shawn Hatfield
Recording Studio: Groove: Music Lessons + Recording
Mixed & Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Groove
Film Production: Christopher Leipold
Film Studio: Anywhere Studios

2017 Copyright © Appalachian Groove Records
2017 Copyright © Surprise Attack

Mink’s Miracle Medicine – Amber’s Song

As a part of Mink’s PledgeMusic campaign for their album House Of Candles ((available here: they were honored to get to write a song for their friends, Amber and Andy, to celebrate their marriage. They filmed and recorded in their trailer with the help of Christopher Leipold and Anywhere Studios.

Members: Melissa Wright (vocals, guitar, keys), Daniel Zezeski (drums)

Music & Lyrics by: Mink’s Miralce Medicine
Filmed & Produced by: Christopher Leipold & Anywhere Studios
Mastered by: Shawn Hatfield at Groove
Copyright © 2017 Mink’s Miracle Medicine

New Gear Day #19: Super Tubes

Check out this demo of the Vintage Ibanez Super Tube for New Gear Day #19. Running this badass stompbox from an Allen Woody Epiphone bass.

New Gear Day #15: Rhythm in Action

Please take a minute to watch our short demo of the Roland R-70: Human Rhythm Composer! This piece of gear is compact yet powerful with complete editing capabilities.

New Gear Day #14: Wah Can’t We Be Friends?

Check out this guitar and gear demo with Shawn Hatfield at our studio for New Gear Day #14. The Morley/Ebtech Wah/Volume pedal alters those frequencies just right.

New Gear Day #10: Drum & Mic Demo

Thanks for tuning into our microphone demo for New Gear Day #10. We’re doing a quick demo of the Sony ECM-33P. Thanks for watching!

New Gear Day #7: Keys, Keys, Keys

Thanks for tuning in for New Gear #7 with the Casio PX-330. An amazing keyboard!

New Gear Day # 6: Reliable Drummer

For New Gear Day #6, we decided to demo Superior Drummer 2.0. Thanks for watching!

New Gear Day #3: Smoke the Keys!

Just picked up the Hohner Melodica Piano 32. Having a blast!

Shawn Hatfield – Coated in Scarlett (Official Video)

Shawn Hatfield – “Coated in Scarlett” (Official Video) from the EP ‘Wet Socks Down at the Docks.’ The EP released January 6th, 2017 on Appalachian Groove Records.

Directed & Produced by: Shawn Hatfield
Music by: Shawn Hatfield
Copyright © 2017 Shawn Hatfield

New Gear Day #2: Mic & FX Demo

Check out the AKG D1000E and ADA S1000 in action.

Pro Tools Tutorial: Mastering Chain

Mastering your own tracks can be exciting and exhilarating because you’re getting close to finalizing your project. If you are new to this process, however, it might drive you right up the walls. Some issues may be the types of plugins, the order of the chain, or maybe it’s time to upgrade your DAW.

Artist: Surprise Attack
Track: “Jeremy’s New Song”

Bunny Man Bridge